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Moving in!

2017-01-06 16:30:55 by TheSedisverse

Hello all! 

We have to start somewhere right and this post makes the most sense to tell you a bit about ourselves and our plan!

The Sedisverse is a semi dystopian future set thirty years from now. In this brave new world, a powerful mineral has unlocked the potential of the human genome – creating a new age of strange creatures, aspiring heroes and brutal villains.

But unlike the heroes and villains of other worlds – these men and women are not always engaged in a fight for lofty ideals or drives for power. These are people just trying to survive and make a life for themselves. They are cynical, bitter, world weary and make mistakes.

We here at The Sedisverse are working to create a new world for our readers and listeners to enjoy. We also look to work with new creators to build something truly remarkable.

So fingers crossed 'ey?